Communication Works for Those Who Work at It

At JustPing we understand that communication is the key that's why we bring you powerful consolidated application to help you in delivering productive client communication.

Comprehensive Dashboard

- Integrated with WhatsApp - Added ease of communication - Labelling feature for client/messages - Customised reply suggestions - Message templates for quick reply - Team Login for Internal discussions

Our awesome features
24x7 Available Chatbot

- Integration with Project management tools - Real time query resolution - Better understanding of the client - Product upselling/marketing on WhatsApp - You grow as the client grows

Our awesome features
Chat Analysis & Reporting

- Real-time chat analytics on 15+ parameters - Personalised suggestions based on history - Scrutinize Client Journey for upselling - Communication performance metrics - Team Insights & Report generation

Our awesome features

Are you Ready to Create an Adaptable Communication Process for Your Organisation?

What JustPing Offers?

JustPing is here with more tangible and constructive communication that can help you create a measurable communication process for the organisation while improving client satisfaction.

Unified Dashboard For Easy Chat Organization

The dashboard comes with suggestion, team view, label tagging, progress tracking, reminders and analytics. So, you can discuss internally before messaging the client.

Our awesome features
Real Time Auto Reply to Queries

The chatbot is integrated with project management tools for sharing on-demand information. The user can reply multiple clients in no time.

Our awesome features
Personalised yet Consistent Communication

AI powered Chat analytics to get better client understanding. User can create personalised communication for the client while maintaining consistency across teams.

Our awesome features
Insights and Report generation

The application helps in ensuring every aspect of communication, team performance and client interest over time. Also, you can get insights on when to follow up, average time taken to reply and more based on your client's behaviour.

Our awesome features
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