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Contact businesses on WhatsApp

Chat with business numbers through JustPing WhatsApp chat widget. You won't have to share your phone number and worry about spams.

Contact businesses on WhatsApp
What does JustPing do?

Instant access to offers

Add any local business to JustPing and they'll be able to send you information about offers right through WhatsApp! You can also be notified of new products, services, events, or deals as they become available.

JustPing keeps your identity safe

When you contact a business via JustPing

It encrypts your phone number

making it impossible for businesses to know your number.

and shares query via encrypted number

you get customer support without sharing your number.

What does JustPing do?

Connect in 3 simple steps

If you have any other question, send us a query in JustPing widget.

It starts your account on JustPing. You have to do this once. We'll ask if you're a business or a person.

Look for JustPing business QR codes near you OR Add business via JustPing business directory

Select a business you've added and chat with them through JustPing widget.

Don't give out your WhatsApp number to businesses.

You won't have to see those status updates of strangers. Click here or scan code →

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