JustPing is a customer engagement platform for salons, restaurants, gyms, supermarkets and other small businesses | Create engaging marketing campaigns and grow more with JustPing

Engage customers on WhatsApp with coupons, discounts & offers


JustPing lets you create marketing campaigns which you can run on WhatsApp. **Neither you nor your customers need to download any extra app JustPing - Easily manage business stakeholders on WhatsApp | Product Hunt

#Feature - 1 : Referral Programs


Reward customers for bringing their friends and family to your store. Ease for customers: Customers generate & send a referral coupon to friends, using WhatsApp. Ease for business: Scanning a customer's QR code with phone camera shows customer profile with eligible discount. Start a referral program now →

#Feature - 2 : Discount Coupons


Create rewarding deals for customers who regularly do business with you. Ease for customers: A single QR code to avail all discounts, including referrals and all discounts. Ease for business: Create & send a custom deal for a customer. Scan customer's QR code to view & apply eligible discounts. Create an offer now →

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